Wednesday, 8 June 2011

"It is the journey not the arrival that matters"- however first we must pack.

Okay so i realise that lately i have neglected by blogging duties a little to say the in order to change this i have decided to use this space to ramble on for a short while (afterall isnt that the point of a blog?) I apologise in advance.

Packing- the enemy of many a traveller. Lets face it no-one enjoys this hiddeously tedious task, however like many a thing, it must be done.

Next week I am off to America for 3 months to work on a summer camp, then hopefully travel after. As my departure date draws ever closer the invetable need to pack grows, as does my will power to procrastinate.

Unfortunately in this case my usual approach to this task (putting in everything i own with the attitude you never know when you may need *insert usless object*) is not viable for two main reasons.

You never know...No?

Firstly as it was suggested i didnt take a suitcase but instead a large backpack and secondly im guessing that carrying around half of my wardrobe with me for 3 weeks after wont exactly do wonders for my posture.

Okay so as i write this i realise i am perhaps 'making a mountain out of a mole hill', and should just get it over and done with. euuuggghh

Now i must decide what i actually need to take. For anyone who knows me minimalism isnt usually a word chosen to describe my character, it is safe to say clutter folllows me around. I also have a slight issue with being unable to make decisions and at times being 'too relaxed'.

Thankfully my friend has agreed to help me with this and promises to rule with an iron fist there is a reason she studies law.

Okay i think i wittered on for quite long enough now and have thankfully came to one conclusion. A list is needed.

I am of to conquer my fears. My wardrobe wont realise whats hit it. Packing, Bring.It.On.

The Need To Post...

It's like an illness I swear.

Every time I think something or do something or buy something, the verb "blog" is thrown around my brain.

"To blog"

Anywho I have a half-arsed soggy paper excuse for it. CAMERA-LESS. Pathetic I know. But without the visuals the inspiration is just lacking.

Hoorah for my birthday. I am hopefully getting a DSLR (obviously not as a birthday pressie jheeeze...I have been saving for 2 years too!) but am stuck with knowing which one to get...

Any help would be great!


1. Look out for upcoming posts after the embarrassing lack of them in the past bazillion years. For this I am entirely blaming Elizabeth. Sket.

2. I am setting up an online store, when I actually have something to show for it I will post it on here :)

3. Although I'm pretty sure it's not real...I would buy all the teacups in China for it (?)
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