Monday, 8 August 2011

Hair Envy = Henvy

I fear this may turn out to be a dragging regular post. I don't so much hate my hair, as despise the lack of interesting things I can do with it. 

"There's many a man has more hair than wit"
                                           - William Shakespeare 

Although 1. SHOCK, I am not a man and 2. I am, of course, in-dubiously incredibly witty.

I have tried for god knows how long to grow my lanky manky hair to a length below my crummy shoulders but I swear its dead. My hair is dead. BOO. 

So I am considering going for the Big Chop

(all images from Pinterest)

Basically, I want to be Dianna Agron. What girl doesn't?

This is the hair I would looooove. However, I fear if I want in to the salon with this picture they may just laugh me out the shop. There was always this rumor back at school that this guy walked into the barbers, showed them a picture of Brad Pitt, and the lady laughed so hard she snotted on him. Hence this being my biggest fear.    

Anyway, this is something I am going to have to sleep on. Do I have the balls? I hope not. 
Shall keep you posted on my hairs shinanigans. Don't fall of the edge of your seats!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Keeping Busy

Nathan's currently having his op, so I am manically furiously trying to keep busy.

Fantasising about knits at this time is healthy. Right?

I stumbled on these beautiful images, showing Nanna van Blaaderens' collection entitled 'More or Less'.

I've always had love for the chunkiest monkiest scarf, and to be honest, I don't feel they could get any chunkier! Or monkier..

Scarf, come dress, come top, come shawl, etc......
Absolutely amazing. 

want want want
need need need 

Ciao for now, brown cow

Monday, 25 July 2011

"Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine" - Robert C. Gallagher

This week is a week of change. 

After the mental past few weeks (ill explain in a biz) I am ready to get myself together & organised. 

To start with, this joke of a blog. 

I promise on all the Haribo's nommed left in my bag I shall post regularly. SO not a big promise, but I shall try my best!

First things first. Why I have been so manically busy...

It all started when I worked three and a half weeks without a day off. 

For the first part I was on my work placement at a beautiful wedding venue working in the events offices. And I loved it. So blady much! Even working unpaid (bummer) it was amazing. 
I'm quite a nervous/shy/major awks person so they probably just thought I was some imbecile that found even the smallest things incredible. 
However, it was brill. My dream job (so far). Who wouldn't want to work a place where flowers and a glass of prosecco are a daily must?

But theeeeeeeeeeeen my other half got ill. Really really ill. Was all a bit horrific. This meant for the three and a bit weeks I would be working in the day then going to hospital at night. All got very mundane, but I probably shouldn't feel too sorry for myself when he is the one being jabbed and prodded and having things jammed in him. 
He is being so ridiculously brave thought & I am so so proud of him!
He was let out of hospital for a bit, thinking it was all dandy, then it happened again. This time, I rushed to be by his side, only to faint. Not once. Oh no. TWICE. This resulted in all of the doctors & nurses to rush around me, leaving him in the lurch with this *thing* hanging from his guts. I banged my head though and it really really hurts. BOOOO. Am still awaiting my huge delivery of sympathy cards. 

So yes. After my unnecessary bambelling (ramble x babble) the conclusion is -

He is still in hospital looking worse than a Dementor - a lil' Harry Potter love.
I have a week off. To see him & get my oh so sore head straight. 

Oh yes & Liz is still in American having a marvy time. 

Love C

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


It was one of those brands that I had heard of but never really gave it the time of day. ALAS. Now the sun has shone down and lit up the brilliance of COS. 

The website alone is, to me, perfect. White, white and more white. Tackiness, BE GONE!

Here is just a few shiz from their website...

love how they display the garments. 

Jersey dress with wadded skirt €59 £55
Leather pin belt €29 £25

Cotton voile drawstring dress €79 £69
I like the socks, not sure if I'd ever dare wear them...

Soooo yes. Just a bit of bambelling on COS. Love it. Want it. Need it. COS is literally everything I think fashion should be. Clean, clear and crisp. And always bang on. 


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Kate Moss Newlywed

"It is quite amazing what I didn't feel after a while. I didn't really want to feel things"
           Kate Moss 

The three day long wedding celebrations of Kate Moss & Jamie Hince was definitely something to be in awe of. 

I've always quite liked a bit of Mossy. Regardless of her scandals, shes beautiful, and great to look at in whatever backdrop. However, I hate her opinions on skinnyness, but that's another story....

The dress was designed by Galliano (still not sure how I feel about that..) and was hate to say it amazing. Definitely inspiration for my future  any wedding! Totally suits her and the whole down-to-earth day. 

               (All pics

Although the "best man", otherwise known as Alison Mosshart, Jamie's bandmate, slaughtered the best mans speech, apparently it was lovely. 

Its rumored there going to Africa, Thailand, etc someplace like that for their honey moons. Ok for sooome!

Bets it they stick together? 
Erm. I think yes!



Sunday, 3 July 2011

You've got to start somewhere?

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months"

                                        - Oscar Wilde 

Been having a snoop nosey at some of Vogues top picks of this years graduate designers. Here are the ones that to me, stood out the most.

 I have a thing about big balloons, but this defo takes the biscuit. 
 I love the way it totally changes the outline of the model. It looks absolutely mental, but still a total beaut!
Momo Wang, Central Saint Martins

 I loooove this except for the fact it makes me wana go on holiday, which makes me suicidal sad. Whomever, the colours and movement look abfab!
Charlotte Barry, London college of Fashion

Loooove this Matrix inspired knitwear collection! How knitwear should be. He's a right little cutey too!
Rory Longdon, Nottingham Trent

And finally, my fave....

Flaminia Saccucci. (CSM)

I cant out my pinky on exactly why I love this picture so much. The mental mixture of prints and colours, the tyre tracks cleverly printed to blend to pieces together. 
Who knows. Amazing no? I can't even tell if they are shoes, socks, leggings, whatnot. The whole collection was a surreptitious mystery!

Ack I want it all. 

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

"It is the journey not the arrival that matters"- however first we must pack.

Okay so i realise that lately i have neglected by blogging duties a little to say the in order to change this i have decided to use this space to ramble on for a short while (afterall isnt that the point of a blog?) I apologise in advance.

Packing- the enemy of many a traveller. Lets face it no-one enjoys this hiddeously tedious task, however like many a thing, it must be done.

Next week I am off to America for 3 months to work on a summer camp, then hopefully travel after. As my departure date draws ever closer the invetable need to pack grows, as does my will power to procrastinate.

Unfortunately in this case my usual approach to this task (putting in everything i own with the attitude you never know when you may need *insert usless object*) is not viable for two main reasons.

You never know...No?

Firstly as it was suggested i didnt take a suitcase but instead a large backpack and secondly im guessing that carrying around half of my wardrobe with me for 3 weeks after wont exactly do wonders for my posture.

Okay so as i write this i realise i am perhaps 'making a mountain out of a mole hill', and should just get it over and done with. euuuggghh

Now i must decide what i actually need to take. For anyone who knows me minimalism isnt usually a word chosen to describe my character, it is safe to say clutter folllows me around. I also have a slight issue with being unable to make decisions and at times being 'too relaxed'.

Thankfully my friend has agreed to help me with this and promises to rule with an iron fist there is a reason she studies law.

Okay i think i wittered on for quite long enough now and have thankfully came to one conclusion. A list is needed.

I am of to conquer my fears. My wardrobe wont realise whats hit it. Packing, Bring.It.On.