Monday, 25 July 2011

"Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine" - Robert C. Gallagher

This week is a week of change. 

After the mental past few weeks (ill explain in a biz) I am ready to get myself together & organised. 

To start with, this joke of a blog. 

I promise on all the Haribo's nommed left in my bag I shall post regularly. SO not a big promise, but I shall try my best!

First things first. Why I have been so manically busy...

It all started when I worked three and a half weeks without a day off. 

For the first part I was on my work placement at a beautiful wedding venue working in the events offices. And I loved it. So blady much! Even working unpaid (bummer) it was amazing. 
I'm quite a nervous/shy/major awks person so they probably just thought I was some imbecile that found even the smallest things incredible. 
However, it was brill. My dream job (so far). Who wouldn't want to work a place where flowers and a glass of prosecco are a daily must?

But theeeeeeeeeeeen my other half got ill. Really really ill. Was all a bit horrific. This meant for the three and a bit weeks I would be working in the day then going to hospital at night. All got very mundane, but I probably shouldn't feel too sorry for myself when he is the one being jabbed and prodded and having things jammed in him. 
He is being so ridiculously brave thought & I am so so proud of him!
He was let out of hospital for a bit, thinking it was all dandy, then it happened again. This time, I rushed to be by his side, only to faint. Not once. Oh no. TWICE. This resulted in all of the doctors & nurses to rush around me, leaving him in the lurch with this *thing* hanging from his guts. I banged my head though and it really really hurts. BOOOO. Am still awaiting my huge delivery of sympathy cards. 

So yes. After my unnecessary bambelling (ramble x babble) the conclusion is -

He is still in hospital looking worse than a Dementor - a lil' Harry Potter love.
I have a week off. To see him & get my oh so sore head straight. 

Oh yes & Liz is still in American having a marvy time. 

Love C

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