Sunday, 3 July 2011

You've got to start somewhere?

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months"

                                        - Oscar Wilde 

Been having a snoop nosey at some of Vogues top picks of this years graduate designers. Here are the ones that to me, stood out the most.

 I have a thing about big balloons, but this defo takes the biscuit. 
 I love the way it totally changes the outline of the model. It looks absolutely mental, but still a total beaut!
Momo Wang, Central Saint Martins

 I loooove this except for the fact it makes me wana go on holiday, which makes me suicidal sad. Whomever, the colours and movement look abfab!
Charlotte Barry, London college of Fashion

Loooove this Matrix inspired knitwear collection! How knitwear should be. He's a right little cutey too!
Rory Longdon, Nottingham Trent

And finally, my fave....

Flaminia Saccucci. (CSM)

I cant out my pinky on exactly why I love this picture so much. The mental mixture of prints and colours, the tyre tracks cleverly printed to blend to pieces together. 
Who knows. Amazing no? I can't even tell if they are shoes, socks, leggings, whatnot. The whole collection was a surreptitious mystery!

Ack I want it all. 

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  1. Love this selection. The balloons are fun and I agree with you on the last set of pictures it is hard to make out where they start and finish. Xxxx