Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Kate Moss Newlywed

"It is quite amazing what I didn't feel after a while. I didn't really want to feel things"
           Kate Moss 

The three day long wedding celebrations of Kate Moss & Jamie Hince was definitely something to be in awe of. 

I've always quite liked a bit of Mossy. Regardless of her scandals, shes beautiful, and great to look at in whatever backdrop. However, I hate her opinions on skinnyness, but that's another story....

The dress was designed by Galliano (still not sure how I feel about that..) and was hate to say it amazing. Definitely inspiration for my future  any wedding! Totally suits her and the whole down-to-earth day. 

               (All pics vogue.co.uk)

Although the "best man", otherwise known as Alison Mosshart, Jamie's bandmate, slaughtered the best mans speech, apparently it was lovely. 

Its rumored there going to Africa, Thailand, etc someplace like that for their honey moons. Ok for sooome!

Bets it they stick together? 
Erm. I think yes!



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