Monday, 23 May 2011

"If the shoe doesn't fit, must we change the foot?" - Gloria Steinem

I have recently had a huuuuge wardrobe ..ermm...alteration.

Resulting in this...


naaaaaaaaaaaaaat really
There are several points through a woman's (and I'm sure many a man's) life when they suddenly have the realisation that they have no clothes. 
Well, not clothes that fit/are in season/are actually ok to be worn out side of dwellings. 

It took about 3 days to finally have a wardrobe that I like.

There are bin bags, charity bags, piles upon piles. But it is all done. Yet now it is so empty I only have about three outfits. Exaggeration?  Maybe.
I need to start getting rid of my tatty bargain shizzy stuff and start investing in good, long lasting, forever pieces. 


So, I need to rebuild. And to start with...


Olechka leather ankle boots

£260.00 -


£59.99 -

'Kellan' wedge

I think I need all of them. Just need to chat up/date/marry/kill off some old rich man first. 


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Lazily Blogging...

Finishing uni for summer is great an' all, but when there is no other human being of a similar age or interest it can slowly become stale.
After the hectic previous few weeks of hand in dates, I have taken rather comfiley really comfy comfely (is this a real word?) to laziness. I fear this will not bode well for any future work.

So anywho, this is just a little something to keep me occupied.
The "Here & Now" colour palette.

No matter how hard I try to stay away from the whole "Topshop regurgitation" look, I can't help but realise how fabbydabby and bang on trend they always manage to be.

 Bikini - £26.50 
Fringed bag - £35

Stripped blazer - £65

 Skinnies - £40
Pumps - £16

I must not tell a lie, this was a very lazy blog post. But I loved the clothes so pfft.

"Any colour - so long as it's black." Henry Ford

Not today.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Brown & Blue

I first noticed Kate Bosworth for her promotional material for Coach. I love this brand and she showed the brand image perfectly. Elegant and totally non tacky. No hair extensions or tango tan on this girl!

My hole in the wall walk in wardrobe is colour coded. This is the dream! Love the suitcases...

Such a British country look! Loves it. Forever fashion.

Also she has one brown eye and one blue. Amazing. I now need some lace gloves. I had some but I got juice all on them. Ow maan.