Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Lazily Blogging...

Finishing uni for summer is great an' all, but when there is no other human being of a similar age or interest it can slowly become stale.
After the hectic previous few weeks of hand in dates, I have taken rather comfiley really comfy comfely (is this a real word?) to laziness. I fear this will not bode well for any future work.

So anywho, this is just a little something to keep me occupied.
The "Here & Now" colour palette.

No matter how hard I try to stay away from the whole "Topshop regurgitation" look, I can't help but realise how fabbydabby and bang on trend they always manage to be.

 Bikini - £26.50 
Fringed bag - £35

Stripped blazer - £65

 Skinnies - £40
Pumps - £16

I must not tell a lie, this was a very lazy blog post. But I loved the clothes so pfft.

"Any colour - so long as it's black." Henry Ford

Not today.

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  1. I LOVE that striped blazer!!! So cool! Xx