Friday, 25 February 2011

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years” - Thomas Wolfe

For my very first fashion post on this blog EVER I will write a quick summary of my first time spent in New York and the couple of days I attended New York Fashion Week.

The amazing Flatiron building right next to mediocre hotel.  
Beautiful as New York was, the temperature was something my body had never experienced before. Through gritted (or possibly frozen?) teeth we still managed to do some sight seeing of this infamous city. Being the first time I'd ever been there we were obvious tourists. Map out infront of us looking confused, ending up in Brooklyn when we were supposed to be heading up-town...however it turns out being lost in New York is almost better than knowing where you're going.
We were also lucky enough to attend New York Fashion Week (after a lot of blagging) and managed to see a few shows.

We saw the Maisonette presentation which was beautiful. This was a brand that I was not overly familiar with, and after a walk round I fell in love.
Amazingly structured shoes!

These are now next on my wish list...

We also saw the Toni Fransesc catwalk which was also very inspiring. There was alot of structure to the clothes, mixed in with a rusty coloured silk, which contrasted brilliantly.

I love the cut-out front of this skirt...
These are just a few accounts and photos from this amazing trip. I'll post more as I go on..

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