Saturday, 16 April 2011

They think its all over...It is now.

After many weeks of the ongoing John Galliano saga, and the alligations made against him, it was officially anounced yesterday that the designer had been sacked from his eponymous label, following a decision made by the company's board. Unsurprisingly this has yet again sparked more controversy within both the world of fashion and else where, with many people (including my self) now questioning whether this latest 'relief or responsibilities' was truly neccessary, or whether it was just another attempt at making the world of fashion appear to have a soul.

It is believed that the fashion house will now hand the designers responsibilites over to his in house creative team. Although Christian Dior SA currently owns 91 per cent of John Galliano there are yet no plans to sell the brand- according to reports by WWD.

John Galliano Sacked - John Galliano Arrested Update

Earlier this week the designer was photographed at LAX airport after returning from over a month in  rehab. After this latest story I cant help but ask what comes next for this iconic man, and more importantly what next for the world of fashion?

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