Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Japan Fashion Week Cancelled

It is now a week since the devasting earthquake and tsunami hit the the small island nation of Japan. What happened on friday along with the events that have followed show the huge scale devestation that has been caused to the country and have proved that this is undoubtedly the worst disaster that Japan has ever faced.
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With the death toll now expected to exceed 10,000 the situation in Japan for many of us is unbearable. In disasters such as this it is obviously, and in many cases correctly, the main events that are focussed upon by the media, in this case it has been the earthquake tsunami and nuclear disaster that have been the main focus. However as the events themselves are so huge the consequences of them have filtered down through down all aspects of the Japanese society, one example being the cancellation of Japan fashion week.

A design by Somarta from Japan Fashion Week in October.
Photo: Matt Jelonek/Getty Images

Obviously in the context of the current events the cancellation of fashion week isnt anyones main concern. However as a fashion and geography/wider world blog we felt we should should report and comment on this. Fashion week which was scheduled for next week was officially cancelled by organisers with many labels  postponing their shows indefinately.

The retail market in Japan along with the rest of the economy has been hugely hit by last fridays events. In Tokyo many stores are closing early and telling employees not to come in as a way of dealing with the rolling blackouts that are being implemented to help with power shortages and the distruptions to public transport.

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