Monday, 21 March 2011

Stolen Girlfriends Club

ooooor stolen idea. For my uni course this semester we have to come up with an idea for a fashion event using a designer of our choice. For my designer I choose Ozwald Boateng; one of my favourite menswear tailors. One of my initial ideas which I eventually sacked off was having the catwalk as a supermarket aisle. I assumed it would be too tricky, and models walking through Morrisons in bespoke suits may not be the most glamourous thing ever...

And now I come across the Stolen Girlfriends Club's catwalk.

It was done in a very sort of 'flash mob' way, with the public in the New Zealand food mall shopping as normal, buying their bananas. There were no guests or even invites, and it was all done as a stunt and streamed on-line. I looooove this! It looks just so mental and out of place, but this is what makes it so brilliant.

The collection is called 'untitled' and the peices look really simple yet wearable.

Love this dress:

Perfect for spring don't you think?

kiiinda wishing I'd done this idea now...

But at least it's been done!


  1. I love the face of the kid! haha... the dress orange is georgeous! this collection is fantastic.

    great post.

  2. I loved this collection! I thought it was pretty cool that it was in a supermarket!


  3. Such a great idea, I loved it! Talk about bringing fashion to the masses. Thanks for your lovely comment, so nice to hear people enjoy my posts! That 'Feathers and Leathers' shoot was by Buffalo Girl, a really great Australian label that specialises in leather-crafted accessories. If you check under the photos in my post it should have a link to their blog. Pretty sure it was shot in Byron Bay, Sydney, on the beach :)

    x K

  4. great collection, i love your pick too it is great for spring!


  5. Perfect for spring! :) XXX

  6. love this dress!!